I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1989.  I am currently based in New York City.  You are welcome to contact me at d.matty.william@gmail.com.  Thank you for your time.

Statement of Purpose

        My body is my story.  It reveals needs and journeys and wants and insecurities and love and science and perseverance and time.  There’s a give and take as it wades through physical experience, a push and pull wherein it marks the world and the world marks it.  

        My artistic practice and the rest of my life's practices are intimately intertwined, one offering information and material to the other.  Both mine the immediacy and potential of a living, breathing, moving body, as a malleable site of growth, destruction, map-making, kinesthesia, and interpersonal relationships. Currently, my research investigates the grounds on which certain maps are embedded and carved within the body, offering space for process, making, and interaction far beyond four white walls. Like the infrastructure of roads, trails, and flight paths that have carved through and mapped the physical world—Interstate 90 and the Chicago Skyway, the Appalachian Trail, the deer path in the woods of your youth—I believe that there are maps that lie dormant inside us, available to us, forged by forces such as biology and personal history.  Through the actualization of these possible trajectories in real time and space, I seek to create meaningful methods whereby to de-mediate experience in a hyper-mediated world; foster direct relationships to other people and the land; and confront mortality, memory, and our most basic human resources in ways that enliven space and time through improvisational responses.