Between Heaven and Earth (Work-in-Progress, 2013-present)

        Between Heaven and Earth is a performance-based work related to the crash of USAir flight 427, which left O'Hare International Airport on September 8th, 1994.  The Boeing 737 fell from the sky eight miles outside of Pittsburgh International Airport, killing all 132 passengers as it burrowed into the earth, including the artist's father.  (The performance that constitutes the underbelly of this work will take place in March/April 2015.)

Crater.  2013.  Inkjet print in artist's frame (purple heartwood).  16 x 20 inches.


A Country Divine (Work-in-Progress, 2013-present)

        Their hands conjoined, the artist and his brother, Mark Davis, laid the lines contained within the palms of their right and left hands, respectively, upon the veinous infrastructure of the United States.  They then followed them, journeying throughout and across the country.

A Country Divine.  2013.  Ink on map.  36 x 24 inches.


Amidst Endless Repetition Lies Equally Endless Variability (2012-present)

        One at a time, a single standard building nail is hammered flat, using a circular piece of steel and a building hammer.

Lifetime Warranty.  2012.  Steel, wood, acrylic.  72 x 21.5 x 5 inches.


Constellations (2013-2014)

        Each touch of each letter of each sentence of each expression involved in a year-long email correspondence between two people living apart in both time and space was revisited and recorded.

Detail from Constellations ("Dear,").  2014.  52 x 12 x 32 inches.


My Body is My Story (2012)

        1,782 letters were addressed using first, middle, and last name to every student enrolled at Kenyon College.  Each contained a fragment, a single sentence, from a 1,782 sentence long hand-written narrative of the artist's life from childhood unto that point in time, according to a series of family photographs depicting it and which were burned and consequently disseminated throughout the letters.  These letters were lain along the community thoroughfare for a period of four days, before their remnants were retrieved.

Detail from My Body is My Story.  2012.  200 x 120 inches.


Follow Your Heart (Gambier & Granville) (2012)

        Two humble Ohio towns, located 26.7 miles apart, were connected by the beat of the human heart while wearing a holter monitor, a portable EKG device that charts the heart's activity.

Detail from Follow Your Heart (Gambier & Granville).  2012.  55 x 100 inches in artist's frame.


Selected Drawings

Crayon, colored pencil, ink on paper.  2014.  7 x 5 inches.